Changes often cause a chain reaction in life. We start doing one thing and before we know it there is a whole to-do-list of words wondering around in our minds. Sometimes these chain reactions are good, sometimes bad, but they are usually working towards a bigger picture – hopes, dreams, goals; maybe?

For me this website is one of the side effects of what I ultimately have been wanting to do for the past twelve years, to write about my experiences. Now my focus in writing is changing so does the website. Completely re-branded and re-launched I present an online platform to support my first big writing goal, write my first book. So right here, right now I proudly announce the coming of:

“13 DIAMONDS – Life Before Death From A Child’s Perspective

It’s a memoir about the first thirteen years of my life with a main focus on losing my mother when I was twelve years old to brain cancer. I am currently still riding the rollercoaster of finishing the work together with all the emotions that accompany me in the process. It is exciting and most of all painful, but in the end I believe it is going to be worth it. Not just for me, because it brought healing and now I never have to forget my memories, but also because I believe it can help others. There is nothing I hate more than feeling alone. I said it before and I will say it again:

If you do feel lonely, let us be alone together.

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