What do cancer and a mountain climbing challenge have in common? – “Everything,” says ‘Stronger by Sharing’ founder Manon Rinsma, who will participate in the ‘world’s toughest 6K’ uphill during the ‘33rd Annual Tram Road Challenge’ in Palm Springs, California, on October 27, 2018 to raise awareness for her organization and inspire others to start climbing some of their own ‘mountains.’

The ‘mountains’ she speaks of are metaphors for life circumstances, but on October 27, 2018 Rinsma will be walking the ‘world’s toughest 6K’ uphill during the ‘33rd Annual Tram Road Challenge’ in Palm Springs, California, with climbs over 2,600 feet, and is organized by Klein Clark Sports benefiting local organization United Way of the Desert. By taking this challenge Rinsma hopes to raise awareness for Stronger by Sharing and inspire others to start climbing some of their own ‘mountains’ too.

“If you can empower yourself by finding your voice,

imagine what you can do for others.”

About Stronger by Sharing
“If you can empower yourself by finding your voice, imagine what you can do for others,” Rinsma thought when deciding to publish memoir ‘13 Diamonds – Life Before Death from a Child’s Perspective’ about losing her mother when she was twelve years old to glioblastoma multiforme (GBM). This aggressive form of brain cancer, is the same disease that took the lives of Senator John McCain, former vice president Joe Biden’s son Beau, and Senator Edward “Ted” Kennedy.

This year, Rinsma’s courage of sharing her deeply personal, heartbreaking story has been rewarded and now she is set on helping others to do the same in the 2018 ‘Share Your Story in Short’ Awards with organization Stronger by Sharing. “Be an ambassador of your life circumstances instead of a victim,” she encourages people.

Stronger by Sharing is a young and vibrant nonprofit organization looking to change the world one story at a time. Their mission statement is to provide hope in difficult times by initiating openness, sharing stories and creating an inspirational environment for all in need of one.

The organization’s 2018 startup goals include:

  • Make a Difference in the world one story at a time, by providing an inspirational environment to help people realize they are not alone in difficult times.
  • Help People share their life experiences by initiating open communication and teach how to overcome the challenges of writing a book or nonfiction story.
  • Raise Funds to give back when people are encouraged to share. To not only utilize their experience, but also offer a dream moment in return.

‘Share Your Story in Short’ Awards
There is so much power in sharing stories. With billions of people and many more stories out there: “If you feel lonely, let us be alone together,” Rinsma says. Which is why she started initiative ‘Share Your Story’ with in 2018 the ‘Share Your Story in Short’ Awards, a writing contest in which everyone is invited to share a nonfiction short story. “Whether you want to make people laugh, cry, feel, or teach something about life? Or you just have an amazing story to tell that can impact people all over the world? Submit your story!” Let it be a platform without fear or judgment, where everyone can come together and share what is in their hearts. Rinsma experienced that writing helped her accept the loss of her mother and overcome intense grief. Addressing certain life circumstances can help you cope and where you may have made mistakes or wish things would have been different, other can learn, so please share your story and be stronger by sharing.

Submission Requirements:Processed with MOLDIV

  • Max. 5000 words
  • Written in English
  • (Creative) Nonfiction
  • Deadline: November 30, 2018

About Manon Rinsma
Born in The Netherlands, Rinsma graduated in Amsterdam, The Netherlands with a Masters in Media Psychology. Trying to compensate for her loss in life, her ambition drove her to always reach for the stars. In 2015 she started a year-long journey around the globe. During her adventures she found strength to share her story, and when she moved to the United States after that – her dream of writing a book finally came true.

In her book, Rinsma writes how a brain tumor, the size of a tennis ball, disrupts the happy lives of a loving family – her family. She shares her own experience, an experience from the perspective of a young child confronted with the desire of her father and older brothers to protect her from ‘seeing’ the disease her mother was experiencing.

Rinsma talks about the consequences of what happens if family members, lovingly misguided, shield their young children from crucial information that can help them cope. Rinsma pointedly describes this, and her feelings, in her March 2018 interview with The Onco’Zine Brief on PRX. She also became a contributing editor of the International Oncology Network’s Onco’Zine Journal.

Each year, the National Association of Book Entrepreneurs recognizes books in several categories by giving out the Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards. Rinsma’s book ‘13 Diamonds’, published in February and available on Amazon and Barnesandnoble.com, was amongst the victorious ones. She received recognition in the category Summer 2018 Memoir.

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