manon rinsma leonard, msc


Her story

Born in the Netherlands, Manon graduated in Amsterdam with a Masters in Media Psychology. When she was twelve years old she lost her mother to brain cancer. Trying to compensate for her loss in life her ambition drove her to work with prominent international events, world-class commercial brands, a broad range of global entertainment companies, and several governmental institutions. In 2015 she started a year-long journey around the globe. During her adventures she found strength to share her story, and when she moved to the United States after that – her dream of writing a book [13 Diamonds – Life Before Death from a Child’s Perspective] finally came true. On a quest to inspire others to do the same, Manon founded STRONGER BY SHARING, a COMMUNITY that provides hope in difficult times by initiating openness, sharing stories and creating an inspiring environment for all those in need of one.

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