Do you love to read? Share stories or experiences? Hop onboard, because I am giving away free copies of 13 Diamonds – Life Before Death from a Child’s Perspective. In the week of June 12th the Kindle e-book will be made available for free on Amazon by the author (YES, that’s me!) to honor my mother’s birthday. Sharing is what life is all about and if we can empower others in the meantime that is a goal worth fighting for!

The purpose of the book has been to initiate openness and prevent others from missing out on valuable time. With the free Kindle book promotion our goal is to raise awareness for difficult life circumstances and how important it is that we are a community. No one should have to go through anything alone. No matter how difficult life may be, there is always something beautiful waiting on the horizon, happiness. Together we will thrive.

Stay tuned!

Get your Kindle copy of 13 Diamonds from June 10-14, 2019 on Amazon

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